Luke Landes on Stacking BenjaminsThe guy I like to call the godfather of financial blogging, Luke Landes (aka “Flexo”) visits the basement again for a rousing discussion that’s a tale as old as time….debt snowball or debt avalanche?

If you don’t know the difference, you’re in for a treat…and if you DO know the difference, I think you’ll like Luke Landes’ refreshing take on the whole debate. Even if you think that the “horse is dead” there’s still lots of ground we cover about not being a lemming, coming up with a plan that suits you best, and the importance of community when paying down debt.


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<> Luke Landes from Consumerism Commentary: Debt Snowball vs. Debt Avalanche

Luke’s piece on this topic: Debt Reduction Methods and Philosophies: Snowball, Avalanche and More

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