Should I Sell BP? My Nvestly Journey Continues

While Singapore's market didn't look good, Thailand made up for it vs. SE Asia (AESA).
by Joe

Last episode I shared how I opened my new Nvestly account (I’m partnering with them for six months to show my moves in one of our IRA accounts). If you aren’t familiar with Nvestly, it’s a cool social site where you can follow traders, check out the diversification and volatility in your portfolio (and other’s […]


Right Direction, Wrong Lesson To Teach Kids About Investing

Feet and Money stacking Benjamins
by Shannon

CNN Money recently highlighted a Midwestern family’s effort to teach their kids about investing. They did things differently than you may have heard in the past. Rather than let the savings she and her husband had built for the kids sit and earn meager returns, Angie Ellerbroek took each child’s savings account and invested it […]


You’ve Been Downsized – What’s the Plan?

by Joe

Have you lost a job recently? If your company announced layoffs, would you be prepared? Having worked in financial services through both the uber-ugly 2001 and way-ugly 2008 financial crises, lay-offs are a part of my working life DNA. NBC News recently shared a story about the proposed layoffs of Allentown-based, PPL workers, and I […]

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A Well-Rounded Education Is More Than Just Grades

Nick running a 5k while studying in India.
by Joe

You’ve heard of my son, Nick, if you’ve followed the podcast at all. If not, he’s riding 4,500 miles for cancer research next summer and I hope you can support it! My son studied last summer at the India Institute of Technology. Besides being a summer filled with grueling classes, he experienced a culture he […]


Biting Off More Risk Than You Can Chew

by Shannon

Have you ever made an investment feeling as though you were fully informed of the risks, but then something happens and you realize you got in over your head? Apparently, according to NBC News, there are a few Virgin Galactic investors who bit off a little more risk than they could chew. After the recent […]