Grow Your Dough Update: The Market Falls

by Joe

I’m competing in the “Grow Your Dough” challenge with a handful of other bloggers. We all started on January 1, 2014 and the contest goes until January 1, 2015. What a month. The market continued to soar until the last day of the month….and then the house of cards finally came tumbling down. If you’ve […]


Score a Bigger Raise with These 5 Ideas

by Joe

Good news: raises are back. According to a recent USA Today piece, wage growth is finally picking up again. Previously, salaries were stuck in neutral (up an anemic 2%), leaving many to believe that this current stock market move was unsustainable and probably making you think you’d never score a bigger raise again. In case […]


Let’s Give Something Away

by Joe

Hey, friends! I feel horrible about not having podcasts Wednesday or today, but that was truly out of my control. I wanted (hoped, actually) to get away with being gone to Italy and have nobody notice (I’ve found in the past that when I tell everyone I’m leaving my traffic drops considerably….) so I prefer […]


Military Friends? Share this with them…

Military Retirement Strategies
by Joe

With over 1.3 million people serving actively in the armed forces, it is very likely you or someone you know is serving in the military.  Unfortunately, according to statistics, the majority of them are not saving for retirement, at least not by participating in the Thrift Savings Plan. In a nutshell, the Thrift Savings Plan […]


What is the future for payday loans?

by Kathleen O'Malley

With almost half of payday lenders now having pulled out the marketplace due to a tightening up of regulations by the Financial Conduct Authority (the consumer credit governing body), what is the future for the payday loan industry? In less than a decade since the UK saw the introduction of this short term lending, payday […]