Weekend Walk Around the Block – Shannon and Tonya – Tanya Edition

I'm more of an ice cream guy....but you get the picture.
by Joe

It’s been FOREVER since I’ve curated a list of my favorite current projects for you, so let’s take a walk around my virtual block and see what my friends are working on: Tonya at Budget & the Beach has a hilarious new video, although it won’t help her find new AirBnB clients: Shannon at Financially […]


4 Steps to a Kinder, Gentler (and Healthier) Budget

relaxing the budget stacking benjamins
by Joe

Message from Joe: Today our friend Sarah takes the driver’s seat to talk about budgets. What do you think about loosening the budget strings a little? Sarah, take it away!   Balancing life and a budget “We can’t afford that,” “There’s no room in the budget,” “Maybe next month.” ….any of these statements sound familiar? […]


5 Reasons To Avoid A New Car In 2015

Buying a new car and financing it could cost you dearly.
by Joe

The holiday season is over and car-buying season is upon us. If you’ve been either reading about the hot new Ford GT or oogling Acura’s NSX with three engines–which sells for the bargain-basement price of $150,000–in person at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, you should think carefully before buying. Here are the […]


How I Save Oodles of Money AND Stay Lazy

Sleeping While Lazy
by Joe

This post is part of the TaxACT How I Save blog tour which teaches you ways to keep more money in your pocket. Last year, TaxACT saved America over $240 million on tax preparation. How much can you save? To learn more about tips and strategies on saving, click here. I know what you’re thinking….you […]

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