Does Middle Class Mean Middle Saving? Apparently Not

It isn't hard to see what happens next when people don't save.....
by Joe

…and I thought the term “middle class” referred to a certain level of overall financial health. It turns out that “middle class” just means your lifestyle, as a USA Today story yesterday showed that a third of the middle-class people in the United States have $20,000 in retirement savings. Ouch. That means that a third […]

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When Renting Stinks

For Rent sign
by Joe

It’s become almost stylish lately to be a renter. While high profile renters are outing themselves all over the world (heck, even OG on our podcast is renting right now), views are changing about renting. That doesn’t mean everything’s rosy in renterland. A recent Yahoo! Finance story shows that renters are largely struggling to make […]

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Extreme Fear In The Market? Bring It On

Market Fear
by Joe

I love it. A headline yesterday at CNNMoney read, Extreme Fear in the Stock Market. You might think, “Oh no!” I think, “Oh, yeah!” Why? The first rule of winning in the stock market is to always work directly against your emotions. If you give in to emotion you’re probably going to lose, but historically, […]

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