Reader Question: How Do I Keep Med Student Loans Down?

Medical School - loans - Stacking Benjamins blog
by Shannon

On today’s podcast, we answered a question from Ben. Here was his letter: Can you do an episode on how to deal with medical school debt and high cost? I’m a second year and already at $140,000 (including undergrad). My school costs $50k/ year and I’m living on beans and rice but I still project […]


Tips to Find a Reputable Canadian Loan Company

by DanielW

Are you Canadian? This article’s specifically for our friends north of the border…. Short on cash for the holidays? If you’re searching for loans, job one is to  avoid scams at all cost. Tying yourself up in a contract, legit or not, could cost you thousands if it’s with the wrong organization. Below are four […]


Yeah, About That Money We Lost…..(My Grow Your Dough Challenge Update)

VXZ One Year Performance
by Joe

I’m taking part in a year-long competition to grow $1,000. You can see my strategy here at the beginning of the year. Here you can see what happens when I’m flying high near the beginning….yeah, those were the days…. The disaster we affectionately call my “Grow Your Dough” portfolio continues. While the “sheep” in our […]


Why Wealth Doesn’t Make Jack Ma (or you) Happy

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by Shannon

Alibaba founder Jack Ma (aka the Richest Man in China), recently shared that he is not happy with his newfound wealth and status. He explained that while he’s happy for his investors and employees that the IPO was so successful, beyond that all he really wanted was respect as a businessman. What?? Is he crazy?? […]