Saving Into Your 60’s? Welcome to the New Retirement

Saving in your 60's? Welcome to the new retirement at Stacking Benjamins
by Joe

There’s been lots of talk lately that the definition of retirement has clearly changed. In the new eBook The Retiree Next Door (written by our friend Emily Guy Birken, by the way, and free through September), 58% of people reported still saving well into their 60’s. Apparently you can retire successfully and still save later […]


3 Mantras To Kick Fear In The Face

3 Mantras to fight off fear at Stacking Benjamins
by Joe

Have you ever been in the “meeting of your life” and felt choked up? Of course you have. Fear drives me. I remember the crippling fear I lived with the year I had no money and little income and wasn’t sure how my family would eat. On the career front, I can’t begin to describe […]

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Borrowing From a 401k is the 2nd Worst Idea of All Time

401k loans worst idea Stacking Benjamins
by Joe

What’s the worst idea of all time? I’ll share that later. But let’s launch this discussion on the 401k, shall we? Before you tell me I just don’t understand, you should know that I’ve heard it all: Retirement’s a long way off. I need that money now. It’s my money. That’s WAY better than borrowing […]


Dying To Move? Don’t Die In These States

by Joe

Looking for warmer weather? Maybe visiting a cooler summer climate? Either way, there’s one stat most don’t examine: how much you’ll lose when you die in a state. State Of Panic According to a recent MarketWatch article, if you die in the wrong state, it could change how much your heirs receive. If THEY live in […]


A Quick Time Out To Say Thank You!

Thank you for nominating Stacking Benjamins for two Plutus Awards
by Joe

Wow! I didn’t expect this. If you listen to the podcast, you’ll know that we did our usual lobbying for a Plutus Awards nomination. There was a good reason for this: although I quickly tire of “Who’s the best?” contests on the internet between bloggers (and don’t compete in them anymore), the Plutus Awards dropped […]