• http://momanddadmoney.com/ Matt @ momanddadmoney

    Wow, great collection! I love the point from Barbara about good habits and yours about making a system. People always focus on discipline and working harder, but you don’t want it to be hard work. You want something this important to run on auto-pilot, which is why having a system to make it a regular habit is so important. Really cool post with lots of good advice.

    • AvgJoeMoney

      Thanks for helping out with it, Matt. I’m with you (obviously): if it’s hard work, I won’t do it. Well, maybe I’ll do it later….

  • http://www.moneylifeandmore.com/ Lance@MoneyLife&More

    D’oh! I forgot to send in my submission!

    My best tip is to start today no matter how small your first savings payment is and then to automate it. Whenever you can, increase the automatic savings amount. You’ll realize you won’t miss it as much as you thought you would. Then, continue to increase your savings payments until it hits your savings goals.

    Also, if you treat them like a payment and pay your savings like a bill, you’ll be more likely to save every paycheck. Ah the wonders of automation!

    • AvgJoeMoney

      You still helped out by allowing me to guest post, Lance! Thanks for all your help.

      It’s great to see so many people mention automation. It’s truly the key to success with saving money. Out of sight/out of mind.

  • http://www.youngadultmoney.com/ DC @ Young Adult Money

    Thanks for including me! Some awesome tips in this post. 258 days straight is quite impressive. I haven’t worked out for over 2 weeks now as I’ve been recovering from surgery. Probably could have gotten back at it earlier but it’s been tough. Before the surgery, though I was very disciplined working out 5+ days a week. Applying discipline to finances is just as important as applying it to physcial activity; it leads to a healthy life.

    • AvgJoeMoney

      Thanks for helping make the launch a success, DC! I think it’s actually NOT about discipline at all. I’ve scheduled the runs and created systems that are reminders. I don’t have enough discipline to accomplish much…but I can create systems that’ll get me there.

      • http://www.youngadultmoney.com/ DC @ Young Adult Money

        Hmmm now that you mention that, I think it’s more about habit. When I was going to work out at lunch every single day I felt “off” if I missed a day!

  • http://luke1428.com/ Brian @ Luke1428

    Love all these comments! A lot of great advice. To create discipline in our lives we automated our savings. A certain amount is moved each month into our savings account. To help us stay motivated to save we created goals that we wanted to reach. When we accomplish the goal it brings great personal satisfaction which then spurs us on to do more. Great post!

  • http://www.debtroundup.com/ Grayson @ Debt Roundup

    What a great collection of savings tips and tricks. I could have used this a long time ago, but we all learn at some point right? I appreciate you including me Joe and I am loving the site. Nice work and hopefully I can get a guest post on here!

    • AvgJoeMoney

      I’d love for you to guest post! How about handling all the writing at the site ;-)

      • http://www.debtroundup.com/ Grayson @ Debt Roundup

        Haha, that would be a lot of work my friend. Maybe we will stick with guest posting!

  • E.M.

    Great post, loved all the insights from different bloggers! I agree that forming the habit and automating are great ways to start saving, and having concrete goals is a good way to keep yourself motivated to save. If you have one or two things you’re saving for, it makes it easier to stop yourself from purchasing the little things that won’t matter in the long run.
    Erin’s point on spending is an interesting twist that I also agree with. I am guilty of saving and then telling myself a big purchase isn’t worth it and going back and forth on it.

    • AvgJoeMoney

      Thanks! I thought it would be cool to see many different points of view. I liked Erin’s point also. It’s fun to see some of the differences in strategy and thoughts throughout.

  • http://frugalportland.com/ Kathleen O’Malley

    how fun! common themes abound!

    • AvgJoeMoney

      I think they hit on some truths….

  • John S @ Frugal Rules

    Wow, that is quite a collection of wisdom there. I agree that we often think it requires discipline and that it’s as simple as that. So much of it does come down to setting up that system (which is why automation is so key) that you can follow and having meat on the bones of that system so you can keep what you’re shooting for in front of you. Thanks for including me Joe, it was an honor to be asked.

    • AvgJoeMoney

      Thanks again for doing it, John! The cool part (as you know) is that once you have a system, then you can tweak it to make it work for you. I think too many people get bogged down in having “the perfect” system.

  • http://www.onesmartdollar.com/ Sean @ One Smart Dollar

    Thanks a lot for including me. It’s fun reading what everyone had to say.

  • http://livetheneweconomy.com/ Mike

    Glad to have found your site! Adding to RSS…

    • AvgJoeMoney

      Thanks, Mike! You made it here on day one, so you’ll grow with us all…..

  • Kim@Eyesonthedollar

    That was really fun to read all of those and what an honor to be included! Great work on the site and running so much. I’ll think of you when my knees are yelling at me tomorrow.

    • AvgJoeMoney

      I’ll probably be yelling back when my knees are yelling at me ;-)

  • Laurie @thefrugalfarmer

    Congrats on your launch, Joe! The site is great! And the wisdom in this post is absolutely epic! Thanks everyone, for sharing your tips!

    • http://www.stackingbenjamins.com Joe

      Thanks! It’s exciting to finally have it done. Now for the fun part: filling it with fun stories.

    • AvgJoeMoney

      Thanks, Laurie! Now comes the fun part….filling it with some wild stories.

  • Tie the Money Knot

    Wow, what a good post! I’m pretty good with the saving mindset, but I picked up a few things here. Good stuff!

    • AvgJoeMoney

      I’d say you’ve got the knack, based on your awesome sites.

  • http://Www.Plantingourpennies.Com/ Mrs PoP @ PlantingOurPennies

    That’s a heck of a lot of solid advice. Congrats on the launch, as well as running 258 days in a row (or is it 259 by now?) =)

    • AvgJoeMoney

      I actually wrote that a few days before launch, so we’re into the 260′s now. I try not to look that often….I just know it’s a big number and I can’t let all those days I went out and ran go to waste.

  • cashRebel

    I like the advice of simply knowing what you are saving for. Once you’ve got that worked out, sticking to the game plan is easy.

    • AvgJoeMoney

      Absolutely. You obviously know what’s right in front of your nose (whatever’s in the store). Most people have no idea what they’re looking for with their long term money….

  • http://www.fearlessmen.com/ Todd – FM

    Hey Joe congrats on getting the site up! It looks great. Love the layout, and your newsletter signup banner up top. Well done!

    • AvgJoeMoney

      Thanks, Todd! Tennille, the designer, did a fantastic job. She asked me for examples of sites I liked and created damned near exactly the cross sections of sites I love.

  • http://www.monsterpiggybank.com/ Glen @ Monster Piggy Bank

    Congratulations on the new site. I’m sure it will be just as popular as your other one :)

    • AvgJoeMoney

      I hope so, Glen! Thanks for the help. I won’t be writing at Free Financial Advisor anymore….we’ve handed that torch to Stan. However, he’s got good stuff over there.

  • Holly Johnson

    Wow, you’ve got all kinds of good advice up there! Great job on the new site.

    • AvgJoeMoney

      Thanks to you and letting me guest post at Club Thrifty yesterday, we’ve been lucky to have many people read it!

  • http://livethewritelife.com DJ Wetzel

    Hey Awesome! Thanks for the bio link!

  • http://www.dollarversity.com Eric J. Nisall – DollarVersity

    The key to doing anything is………….just do it! (I’ll be sending the royalty fee to Nike in a minute).

    Don’t over-think it. Don’t micromanage. Don’t over-analyze. Don’t procrastinate. Just do.

    • AvgJoeMoney

      Great comment. We have a tendency to overanalyze things. My riches clients were by-and-large trigger pullers…they made many, many decisions while poorer clients were contemplating the first one.

  • Cash Cow Couple

    Congrats on the launch Joe! Excited for the work ahead. Great advice here by a smart group of bloggers!

    • AvgJoeMoney

      Thanks, CCC! I’m excited to finally be back in the blogging world again.

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  • http://theheavypurse.com/ Shannon Ryan

    Congrats on the launch of the official Stacking Benjamins website. It looks great! What a fabulous collection of tips and ideas and I’m honored to be included. Have a great weekend and Happy Father’s Day, Joe!

    • AvgJoeMoney

      I just found out that I’m going to see She & Him in concert tomorrow! That’s a great Father’s Day surprise.

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  • http://www.twitter.com/bwfeldman Benjamin Feldman

    I’m just seeing this now! This is all great advice – thanks for posting, Joe! And now I’m curious what your system is for running every day. :) By the way, your site design looks great!

    • AvgJoeMoney

      Thanks! I schedule the run every day while I’m planning my day. I also knew that I’m obsessive and once I started a streak I wouldn’t want to let myself down. Now that it’s well over 250 days, I’m not going to quit because “I don’t feel like it.”

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