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….so there was this dude….
Who grew up in a family where you didn’t talk about money. Where money just kind of magically happened:

  • birthdays equaled presents
  • holidays equaled gifts
  • summers equaled vacations
  • every few years equaled a new car
  • Friday equaled payday

That was how the world worked, from his point of view. So, at 18, he set out for college without money, concrete goals, or any financial savvy.

Not surprisingly, here’s what happened:

He graduated from college with a ton of credit card debt. He’d started a company when he was 16 and another when he was 21, but learned quickly that borrowing money to get ahead wasn’t the way to riches. He’d even taken out student loans to buy a computer to play video games and to entertain his girlfriend in Chicago.

At 25, laden with debt, he became, of all things, a financial advisor (how’s that for irony?). He was a really, really paranoid financial advisor who didn’t know the first thing about good money management. That’s why he took finance magazines to the bathroom and listened to every finance radio show he could find.

By 35 he’d not only mastered financial planning, but he’d become a media spokesperson for the major firm he was affiliated with (Ameriprise), appearing twice-weekly as the Detroit television WXYZ “Money Man.” He also was the host of a weekly radio show (Dollars & Sense), appeared in magazines (Bride, Child, Best Life) and newspapers (Los Angeles Times, Baltimore Sun, Chicago Sun-Times, Detroit News and Free Press), and online (WSJ.com).

At 41 he sold his company for a high six figure number, to move on to other pursuits. A good friend had walked away from financial planning to climb mountains and he knew that he, too, had other mountains to climb. With two children still in school and a spouse eager for new adventures, they left Michigan and settled in the little Texas-Arkansas border town of Texarkana.

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