Live, from Joe’s parents’ basement….it’s the Stacking Benjamins Show!


Press Mentions:

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  • Fast Company: “Why Podcasting is the New Networking”
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Looking for fewer gurus and more discussions? Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the home of fun financial conversations. If you like podcasts for entertainment rather than hardcore financial tips, this is the show for you.

The Stacking Benjamins Creed:

  • Personal finance is personal. We’re all trying to be stackey.
  • We all have different opinions about money. We can discuss our differences without being obnoxious with each other.
  • Everyone doesn’t start at the same place with money. We’ll explain the basics AND talk about more advanced topics.
  • There’s nothing embarrassing about money. Let’s talk about our wins and losses, so we can all learn from them.
  • Fun beats preaching any day, brother….any day.
  • Surround sound, not education. If you want an education, though, click here for the Stacking 101 Benjamins course.

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live from Joe's mom's basement!

live from Joe’s mom’s basement!

The Format

Stacking Benjamins is a magazine-style podcast. While each episode is just over an hour long, rarely will a segment run longer than 10 -15 minutes. Don’t care for a particular topic? Wait a few minutes and we’ll be on to something else!

How To Listen

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The Team

It takes a village, they say. We have a whole cast of contributors who entertains you each week:

Joe Saul-Sehy on Stacking Benjamins

Joe Saul-Sehy – Stacking Benjamins

Joe is a former financial advisor (16 years) and represented a Fortune 500 company in the media. He was the “Money Man” at Detroit television WXYZ-TV, appearing twice weekly. He’s appeared in Child, Bride and Best Life magazines, the Los Angeles Times, Chicago Sun-Times, Detroit News and Baltimore Sun newspapers. He’s also appeared online in more than 200 different places, including CNBC.com and WSJ.com.

OGThe Free Financial Advisor

The Other Guy (AKA OG), is co-owner of TheFreeFinancialAdvisor.com with Joe Saul-Sehy. He’s a current Certified Financial Planner working in the Midwest. OG doesn’t share his credentials so he can speak freely about the financial planning industry and about situations he sees in his office daily.

Kathleen CelminsForProfitBlogging

Kathleen likes to think of herself as the opposite of Joe: a regular person who has learned all her money lessons the hard way. She wrote a check from a credit card, got into a pile of debt, and worked her way out. Now, she’s busy making the Stacking Benjamins show and website the very best they can be. You won’t hear her on-air much, but you’ll see her work in various ways.

Paula, Joe and Len live at FinCon.

Paula, Joe, and Len live at FinCon.


PK is a one-third owner of DQYDJ.net, a site that explores the math and statistics behind much of the financial mumbo-jumbo you’ll read on the internet. You’ll find PK’s work syndicated at SeekingAlpha.com.

Suzanne Lucas – Evil HR Lady

Suzanne is a long-time HR professional who now operates the popular Evil HR Lady website, writes for top publications like Inc. and CBS MarketWatch.

Len Penzo on Stacking Benjamins

Len Penzo Len Penzo dot Com

Len has been a fixture on Stacking Benjamins since our first episode. He’s won the Plutus Award for Best Single-Author Financial Blog (2012). Kiplinger has named his site as a Best Money Blog in 2010 and 2012. His work is syndicated at ClarkHoward.com, BusinessInsider.com, and MSN.com.


Greg MacFarlane on Stacking BenjaminsGreg MacFarlaneControl Your Cash

Greg’s site, Control Your Cash, is the hilarious, irreverent home of Greg’s book by the same name, co-authored with Betty Kincaid. He hosts the Carnival of Wealth every Monday (a great start to your week). Greg was born Canadian, which could explain many things we find odd about him.

Paula Pant Stacking BenjaminsPaula PantAfford Anything

Paula’s website sprung on the financial blogging scene in 2011, winning the Plutus Award for Best New Blog. Paula’s a world traveler, who visited 30 different countries before her 30th birthday. She’s also an investor who owns six properties that net her over $30K in passive income per year. Paula’s mantra? Cut ruthlessly on things that don’t matter to spend lavishly on those things you love most.

My Mom’s Neighbor Doug

When he’s not playing the part of my mom’s neighbor Doug, he’s busy critiquing Stacking Benjamins and telling us exactly how he’d do it…if he had the time to create his podcast.

Frequent Guests

We’ve been lucky to have some recurring guests on the show:

Barbara Friedberg – Barbara Friedberg Personal Finance

Sandy Smith – Yes! I Am Cheap

Philip Taylor – PT Money

Jacob Wade – iHeartBudgets

Deacon Hayes – The Well Kept Wallet

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