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Stacking Benjamins is the lighter side of personal finance. Joe Saul-Sehy and Kathleen Celmins share thoughts on recent financial news reported in the media. In a world of hard-hitting, deep-thought financial stories, our goal is to present a lighter, more relaxed entertainment about money.

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This site is the text version of the top-ranked podcast in iTunes, Stacking Benjamins: Earn, Save and Spend With a Plan. We tell jokes, write stories, learn from our mistakes, and give stuff away. When celebrities do something weird with their money, we report on that, too.


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About Joe Saul-Sehy

Joe worked as a financial advisor for 16 years, in the trenches with families like yours to help them reach their financial goals. He also was one of twelve advisors across the United States authorized to speak on behalf of Ameriprise with the media. He was Detroit’s WXYZ Television “Money Man” for nine years.

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About Kathleen Celmins

Kathleen likes to think of herself as the opposite of Joe: a regular person who has learned all her money lessons the hard way. She wrote a check from a credit card, got into a pile of debt, and worked her way out. Now, she’s a champion of the save half movement, an idea so radical it just might work: save half your income.