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What mountains are you trying to climb? What help do you have getting there? Four days a week we’ll tell stories about successful money management from people who have been there.

Stacking Benjamins is a story-telling site. Joe Saul-Sehy and Shannon McLay share thoughts on recent financial news reported in the media. In a world of hard-hitting, deep-thought financial stories, SB’s goal is lighter, more relaxed entertainment about money.

Our Weekly Schedule


Shannon kicks off the week with a recent financial story.

The Stacking Benjamin podcast (currently ranked on the iTunes top investing podcast list) is live with a new episode with our roundtable of financial bloggers and podcasters.

Tuesday – Joe shares a tip about a crucial area of financial planning.

Wednesday – Shannon’s back with more financial planning fun on the blog.

The Stacking Benjamins podcast features an entertaining guest. Recent guests include Don Hahn (Disney producer), Jean Chatzky (Today Show Money Editor) and Sharon Lechter (Rich Dad Poor Dad).

Thursday – Joe shares a light story about saving money on the blog.

Friday – The Short Stack! It’s a 15-20 minute interview with someone who has an idea so fun that mom wanted us to highlight it in a show all its own.

About Joe Saul-Sehy

Joe worked as a financial advisor for 16 years, in the trenches with families like yours to help them reach their financial goals. He also was one of twelve advisors across the United States authorized to speak on behalf of Ameriprise with the media. He was Detroit’s WXYZ Television “Money Man” for nine years.

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